Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goth Week III; 20 years; shoots...

Again with my writing procrastination...
Since I last wrote, I have had three shoots (one of them was double) and I was in the Goth Week in Madrid, modeling for Velvet Damita.

The web craneometal, asked me for some pics for their website, they wanted a sexy-metal-female santa for the upcoming Christmas, but not in exclusive. So I upload one of them here and I will show the rest in Christimas ;)
I had the shooting with Sivali, the "Santa" one and another different one right after, for a band. But since I don't really know what will happen with that, I am not saying which band or how were the pics.

That day I was completely off, so I forgot all the things for the shoot, and she had to improvise the whole styling, but I like the result =)
Before Halloween was the Goth Week, and I performed for the designer Velvet Damita, you can see the clothes in these two pics =)
I had to be alone on stage for about a minute before any of the other models came with me, and I was nervous as hell, specially because I had to learn the short play in the same day...

A few weeks ago (after the Goth Week), the model Diva Satanica told me her friend and photographer Raquel Blanco was coming to Madrid, so we could arrange a shoot together. I liked the idea and so did Raquel, so we met. Her first idea was to work with a designer and shoot in a park close to my house, but the designer didn't call her and the park wasn't open, so we had to make a maximum improvised shooting in my house, with a black sheet as background... xD

Even though it was so random, I have liked the results!

Well, it was my 20th birthday, I had fun and stuff xD I don't feel like talking about it a lot, I am tired xD

Yesterday I had a shooting with Olano Photography, with Mad-Rubb latex, make up artist Enrique Crespo and in the company of the models Zazu, Shade, Maryah Marimotto and Desiré Bressend. Will talk about it as soon as I can show you the pics ;)

And hm, a song to have a nice post ending, I wish I start playing (or at least trying to) this song on the guitar as soon as exams end!

Monday, October 10, 2011


This is my grandfather Ysidro

The picture was oviously taken some decades ago, when my mother was my age. This post will be more centered on him than in my modeling; because my blog is to talk about myself, not only about my modeling career, and my grandfather is one of the biggest influences I have ever had.

He died aroun 6 months ago, I didn't write it here because the last thing I needed then was to make a post about it, I needed time for my family, time for myself. It's on the nature of life to see the grandparents die, but that doesn't make it easier to pass through. His dead helped me realize lots of things, I have always known I loved him, but never knew he had such an impact in my life. I am trying hard not to cry. Loosing him was not just loosing a grandfather, it was loosing a role model, a figure I admired, a beloved one, a friend... I felt so small, he was a genious, I am nobody, I have thrown my life into a spiral of lazyness and when looking at Grandfather Ysidro I feel like I don't deserve him.

I would start here talking about all the things he did, but he wouldn't like me to do that, he didn't want to be on top, he just wanted to study and learn. He could be one of the most recognized doctors on the last century but he didn't want to and he kept writing his books in silence, studyin the cancer and learning, always learning, always listening to everybody even when they were a lot less experienced on medicine than him.
He lived for cancer and cancer killed him.

After he died, a cousin talked to me, she told me that the Grandfather spoke to her and said that is sad to see me outside college, failing and failing easy tests, because I am smart and I could do great things. That broke me down, I have those words hiting my ears since then. I wish I could have told my grandfather "I am studying physics and I got great grades!", but I couldn't, and not even now I am studying physics. I wish I was; I wish someday on the future I could feel like I deserve him.

I could keep talking about him, but I am feeling bad.

So, this are pictures taken by Ben Chislett some weeks ago, and I think they are raw, wish you like them, it was my first time working with a foreigner photographer.

I was the second on Lady Allura's latex contest, dunno why it did end already when the set deadline was for Halloween, don't understand why I am not even on the runners up when I was the second, but who cares anyway. I will get some latex somewhere else. =p

(I love this pic, personally. All these pics by Ben Chislett and own make up).

Love you Grandfather.

Wish I could say more stuff, but I just can think about him. Sorry for getting so personal and emotive today, but it's a piece too big for my life not to talk about it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lots of things... (Sinical Magazine ;) )

Today I want to say lots of things, I have been thinking (yes, I do think!) and sometimes I get scared when I read certain messages in my inbox, and in a few other places. Most of them are nice, a few are bad and almost insulting, and my concern goes to the extremes. I'll talk about this but first I want you to know that I am featured in Sinical Magazine Fall 2011 pages 8 and 9. You can download a PDF on their website and a few more places ;).

Now, please, people, I want you to know a couple of things about myself, because sometimes people tend to see images and invent a background, and my personality when that's not enough material and I have heard comment about myself which absolutely opposite. For everyone could be easy to realize I like goth, fetish and metal, among other stuff; but does this really say anything about how I really am? People is complex enough to require thousands of tests and analysis, if everything was as easy as looking a couple of pics (that are worked and not spontaneous so do not reflect my lifestyle), then psychologists whould have nothing to do but look a picture of the person they want to know.

I am just a person, with my bad and good things. Not ugly, but not amazingly pretty; I sleep, I pee, I cry, I love, I hate, I get sick, I get pimples when I eat too much chocolate (chocolate is my worst temptation), I get injured when I have an accident, I have fallen to the floor lots of times (there is still a fairy blonde kid inside me)... I like showing skin, if I didn't I would not do it, but that does not mean I take to bed the first person I find (and even if I did nobody should care about it).

Some people ask if I don't think I am a gorgeous person myself why did I get into modeling. The answer is simple: One thing is to think I am not gorgeous and another one is to think I am ugly. I don't think I am ugly, but I am far from my ideal of beauty. Besides I have blue eyes and soft skin, I am the reverse of the features I really like. I like people with wide jaws and pointy chins like Angelina Jolie, I have a really small chin and jaw; I like people with almond ayes, mines are round. Those are just two examples. I probably see myself wors than others do, and of course, better than others!
Now, why did I get into modeling? I liked it, I wanted it, I only have one face and I don't want surgery. I like goth look and I am too short (164cms) for mainstream modeling, so here I am. I just wanted to get known while I get enough skills on extreme vocals and guitars to play in a good band.

(next pic by Sivali D'Lirium, make up and model myself)

I like how they look extra photoshopped pics, and I will never claim to have such look in real life because I would look like a videogame character walking around. I also love wearing make up, yeah, I look better, and I have some pics that I'd love to burn. But of course, those are not gonna end up on the internet (at least I wish so).

Thanks to all the ones who follow me ^^ saying all this does not mean I don't like people to like my pics, it just means I don't want extremes.

Now I would like to introduce you a couple of people, well, three:

The first one is the metal model Diva Satanica, I started talking to her because of all the modeling thing, and because she was one of the few Spaniards I have found on those circles. From the pics you could think she's pretty, but now that I have seen her on the real life I can bet she looks a lot better like that than in any picture you could find, and she is a very nice person. She has worked with Hate, Blood Red Throne and more bands. Here I leave her facebook page link (run by Hermanas Muerte, not by her) so you can see how good she looks.

The second one is a book, well, it has an author, but I am pretty sure the author prefers his book to be known rather than himself.

Here is (in spanish) his introduction:Soy Salva Rubio, el autor del libro "METAL EXTREMO: 30 Años de Oscuridad (1981-20011)", un volumen de unas 500 páginas, con casi 1000 bandas reseñadas en más de 247,000 palabras, una análisis en profundidad nunca visto antes en el mundo, y que cubre por separado los 10 estilos principales del Metal Extremo, así como su historia, forma musical, estética, evolución, lírica y mucho más.

Si te gusta el Metal Extremo, necesitamos tu ayuda! Únete a nuestros grupos y redes sociales para que esta info le llegue a la mayor cantidad de gente posible.

El libro será publicado a lo largo de 2011, en su edición española.

And the third one is Phlegeton He designs extreme metal covers and he is the singer in Wormed. Despite his brutal voice, he's a nice guy.

And by the way, please, vote for me on Lady Allura's latex competition (info in my facebook page).

Thanks to the blog for announcing me ^^

And by the way, please, vote for me on Lady Allura's latex competition (info in my facebook page).

Thursday, August 18, 2011


This time I can really say I have been off everything!!

I have appeared in Ultratumba Webzine page 36 number 7, but right now I am lazy to upload it...

I have done lots of things but I don't even know what to say or where to start, I can't put a whole month in one page, or I tell in detail or I just say four things in one paragraph...

I have been in Madrid the whole summer and I will not leave it probably, I could have gone to the northern Spain, which I love, but for personal reasons I prefered to stay here in Madrid standing the heat. I had three shoots, but I can only show here the pics from one of them: the first one was a drawer who just takes pictures for the ideas to copy and modify in his art; the second one wants a sophisticated manipulation which it's taking some time, and the third one, the one who took the pics I'm gonna show here, was a guy who studied with my sister.

The shoot with the artist was not very complicated because the pictures are not to be seen; the second one... was painful xD This guy hung me from the ceiling to make a flowing effect on the pic, but the ties hurt hella.

Someone who likes my pictures, called Isaak wrote me a poem in Spanish, here I show you.

Dama de Metal Infernal

En la amplitud de la oscuridad universal

una montaña y un bosque que se incendian

y miles de demonios tu silueta asedian

por ser tú, la renovada maravilla celestial

Tu mirada contiene fuegos sagrados infernales,

llamas deliciosas que nuevas almas asesinan,

siniestras luces rojas que hasta al oro calcinan;

pues así es la bella dama de ojos sobrenaturales.

Que se entregue el alma docilmente al fuego

y la dama oscura venga y libere la tormenta

los volcanes se extingan ante su vida sedienta

y que la tierra gima ante aquel nocturno juego

Preciosa e infernal hada, sumergenos en el abismo

ahoguémonos en tus endemoniadas miradas

en tu espectro, vástago de nocturnas hadas

ante el vacío en que está el infierno mismo

Eres un infierno celestial,

un sueño de tortura y sangre,

una oscuridad alegre,

una caricia letal.

And well, as an end, I'll show you a Wardruna song, I really like it.

All of my pics in this post are by Arroyo.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sister's Birthday

A few days ago was my sister's birthday, and I tried to make some cookies for her, and I must admit they were absolutely terrible hahaha, they had to eat them with jam because its taste was plain.

... I am trying... I am honestly trying, but in my last posts I just can't write properly, I just put up a couple of paragraphs in a desperate attempt to tell something intersting. Personal stuff =p but I am just not enough in this to write a lot. And I am lately having less shots and new stuff, I wish it's just a short period of time and I get back no my normal activity.

Any suggestions for new shots?

So, here is another pic from Caos =) make up Sivali D'Lirium and Noiferum Vonsiel.

And here a picture taken a year ago, from Vanyar, make up Luna Gara Quesada.

And to fill this out a little =p a song

I found this band while I was looking for a nice background for my laptop desk, it's the same image that appears on the video.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The new pics

Finally I upload here a few pics with my new look, I am not having lots of shoots lately, I am working on a few stuff and that takes time from modeling. But I have some ideas in mind for future projects and I want to learn some things to make my own shoots.

Yesterday my little sister came but from the USA and damn, she is taller than me already. Sweet, organized, outgoing... we are absolutely opposite.

This is my favourite picture so far with the red hair and the nose ring, hope you like it, I really liked the outfit.

I love snakes. Yesterday, before seeing my little sister I went out with some friends and since it was raining, we went to the house of one of them and he had a snake. What an amazing creature it is, I have liked raptors for long and snakes are specially beautiful. It's name was Dante, I hold it on my lap and it remained calmed; I prefer when they move a lot, but whatever hahaha

This is another pic from the nun shoot, by Arturo Carrasco, I look way too nice in this one, but that was the point ;)
Today I am a little bored, and I am going to study a little of math, go for a round and listen again to Greensleeves. I love classical music, specially the really old ones; the classical music after 1900 starts getting into stuff I don't like. People sometimes can't believe I like it, because I mostly listen to really extreme stuff, but if you write down the music of different genres the youth listen to and compare it, you'll realize that the structure of the extreme metal is a lot more similar to the classical music than Pop, Dance, Industrial, Reggaeton, etc. At least the ones I have compared, please correct me if I am wrong.

In the pic I'm showing you next, I like the background, hair and the whole pic in general, that's why I am showing you, but I don't like my face at all here =p

And another pic. Too tired to keep writing xD

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dunno the title... =p

Hi, sorry about the delay with this entry.

I got some pics from the latex gloves shoot and one pic from the Mosh Party, I appear on the background hahaha. I have also contacted with Dark Payer Zine (metal bands promotion) and I will probably appear in another magazine this summer, I am sending them pictures.

Here is one from the latex gloves and spikes bra shoot. I must admit I was freezing, I had to go outside becouse in the photographer's house the lights were reflecting in a weird way. By Sivali D'Lirium.

I personally liked this shoot a lot, it was an improvisation after a cancelled shoot we planeed before in a studio. So we just went to the street with another clothing to take pictures such as that one.

Oh, and I pierced my nose; a little ring =) I wanted for long, but I didn't get it, and I want to get tattoos soon =p

Last weekend has been busy, and on sunday I had two different shoots, the only ones I had after dying my hair and piercing my nose. The first one was about a classical goth, with long skirt and a veil, the second one was more fetish and agressive. I liked them both honestly.

Miss Lolo (alt. model) sent me a picture of our feature in Bizarre Magazine, this is the feature, very short, but good enough =)

Damn, this is such a boring entry, sorry. My mind right now can only think about the movements in Madrid and since I don't want to start a polytical manifest here unless is absolutely necesary, I am trying hardly to think about something else slightly interesting to share here.

At the beginning I said I received a pic from the Mosh Party, here it is, I look kinda mindfuck there, among those huge guys... XD (picture taken by Salva Rubio, author of "Historia del Metal Extremo".

Do you like Amon Amarth? Pursuit of the Vikings is very trendy, but I honestly prefer Guardians of Asgaard.

And here, an old picture, by Vanyar photography, MUA by Luna Gara Quesada.

Well, I would like to make my post more interesting, honestly, but since I don't have time yet to start my webcomic, I am trying to avoid talking about polytics (thinking about how to improve the system, and designing theories to make the utopic possible is a hobby of mine) and I am not funny at all while writing; but if you read this is because you want, so I guess everything is allright =)


Friday, May 6, 2011

My summer has started... Mwahahaha!

Is has been a while since last time I wrote an entry here, but I didn't find any time to do so, I also reached my record without updating in my deviantart since I created it (for those who don't know my DA

I was busy with upcoming exams and also the whole Ultravixens thing. I have appeared on the 175th issue of Bizarre Magazine, and I am not sure if I won or didn't win the contest, but I think I could, they didn't publish the winner yet but last time I checked how things were going, before they changed to the new month girls, I was on the first place.

I have also passed all my exams, and I finally...
...I finally learned how to growl =) I still need to improve, but I got the point, it's not that hard when you find the path the air shoud follow from your inside.

This first picture I have shown you, was taken long ago, see the black hair was still recently dyed; not a year ago yet, but around 10 months or 11. I don't know why I didn't post it here before, because I like it a lot. (By Sivali D'Lirium, who else ;] )

Today (well, more than today, NOW) Children of Bodom is playing in Madrid, but I couldn't go to see them, it sucks becaus they are one of my favourite bands, I wake up every morning with their music (at least the last three years). It's hard for me to be awaken without something hard (hmmm, but right now I am thinking about waking up with Awaken (Mustakrakish) xD
At least I passed all my exams successfully, that takes off a little the dissappointment.

Here I leave my favourite song from Children of Bodom

Watching the cunt
But before I'm into worries
I do better think fast
Step beyond the legs
Risk selfdestruction
One more sucker
Wait again
To the wrong turn
To the right direction
Too many fucking gonna turn
Going too fast
When you call me outrageous
As a questioner

No feelings - you destroy me HATE
We're welcome - we're on this show END

What the hell was that?
It's a battle name
Tied down everything long before
Blaming all the suckers
I don't give fuck
Till they're coming down
Where I go
Or he's gonna stop me
And when I hear the voice
So you better take care of me now
Knowing that I've always gotta come back
Till the end of life has arrived

Things happen while I grow
No one to catch my fall
Becoming dull is all I know
Resurrection - friend or a foe
[ Lyrics from: ]
No feelings - you destroy me HATE
We're welcome - we're on this show END

Gone too fast
I'm caring about the truth
So tell me how
Fuck me sideways
I've been loved before right now
After I've been down
Well if you don't need to
Resurrect a shadow of myself

No feelings - you destroy me HATE
We're welcome - we're on this show END

No feelings - you destroy me HATE
We're welcome - we're on this show

Remember me, seventeen
Come on, get you going
Have I told you I would return
Come on, get you going
Gotta get on the way
But the butcher
You're allowed to lie
I disapprove my body
Eat my dinner
You dull stupid role model
Who's about to rock

Everything, Everyone
What's going on before
I can't get you back

Things happen while I grow
No one to catch my fall
Becoming dull is all I know
Resurrection - friend or a foe
Friend or a foe

(I took them from lyricsmode)

I have some upcoming appeareances in a couple of webzines, I wish I could appear in more "paper" magazines, but I can't complain, because 15 months ago I wasn't even a model, and now I am in a good position, among girls who have been aroun 5 years on this. But I just want more metal stuff... anything, merchandise, covers... I love goth and fetish, but I want to feel like I am working while doing this, not just a hobby; I want to do really professional stuff.

Now that I have learned how to growl, it would be amazing if I could start a project by myself, I would need good recording equipment, which I don't have, someone to play the drums and keyboard, and help to the songwriting; I can make up nice melodies, but my lyrics are crap, seriously. But well, this would be really difficult, but I have always liket to have my own projects, it helps a lot while finding the style I really like.

I have dyed my hair red, it looks half red and half reddish black, because it has been almos a year since I last dyed my hair black, and I didn't want to take decoloration, and I don't want to go to the hair saloon; I might get it all the same tone, I don't know hahaha.

Here is a picture my sister took a couple of days ago. This is how I look daily, and this is my current hair color.

Now that I am done with al the exams, and my summer has begun, I want to do lots of things, I just don't know how to organize myself, or which ones to foget about doing. (Which ones do you suggest are best to do?)
Studying physics and math, starting a webcomic, starting a drawings deviantart, writing a book I had on mind for long, learning finnish, designing machines, making my own metal band, playing guitar, playing bass, composing, playing on short alternative films... I have always found stressfull how time goes by so quick you realize at some point you have done nothing... Once, when I was 13, I found myself crying because I thought I was old enough to have done something important in my life. I have that problem, I want to do too much stuff for the time I have, and I want to succeed in all those things, which is impossible.

One thing is for sure: I will try to go to Finland for about a month, but I don't know how to find a family there to stay. Does anyone know how to do so?

Well, I think I have talked enough about myself: Here is another pic from the nun shoot, my favourite =) the rebel newrock nun!!! By Arturo Carrasco and make up by Nataschwarzt.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Macabre Models

My lack of creativity and huge lazyness while thinking titles shows up. Guess what's first to say...
No, the first thing to say is I went the first in the ultravixens competition and suddenly the second was again the first... it's one of the most important competitions I have been till now and the deadline of the voting is still far so I wish I could get, and then keep myself first until then, please, it's really important to me...
And now, what about Macabre Models: I want to tell you all I am one of the winners from the Macabre Models contest, and I will be one of the 6 faces representing them =) The others who already won are Demoniccunt (also owner) and Tara Stuart, who have their logos, mine will be up on Friday.

These days I am feeling weird, I don't know why, probably a lot of things mixed together, as most feelings are... It's hard to get far in a clean way, interests are behind everything, in most places are the rotting pieces spreadding the rot; that's one of the things concerning me, I am a humanist, but being a humanist doesn't mean defending people over everything, I think people is interesting to study, awesome as specie, and powerful; but that doesn't make me feel we are worthy. Take a look around and see for yourself. If you believe in a god, he's/she's/it's either not powerful or not good.

I already posted it on my first entry, but I'll refresh it a little since I think most people hasn't read my first entry. These are some of the places I am in:

Don't try lo look for my FB profile because it's full and I can't add anyone T.T

The first picture is from the nun shoot in Foxá, by Carlos Sesmero (make up by Natashwartz), I told you we lost the line that day and the pic wasn't at all what we planeed. I wish I had remember before to remove the hairband from mi wrist, because I like the pic in general...
The second one is the other one from the "Jane in Peril" shoot, by Sivali (also make up).
And the third one: yeah, nun shoot, by Arturo Carrasco. Hope you liked them.

I feel like this post has had a really bad redaction and little information, and I feel bad about people reading my blog and seeing less than what they expected, so I'll leave here a video, it's a bit NS, but the song is amazing:

And I want to remember everybody that if they have a metal band, and they want a model for promoting merchanise, shoots for album covers or anything, just send me an email to, I wish I'll make my webpage soon, and in that email I only accept stuff related to my modeling.
And to bands from Madrid, If you play extreme metal, and need a bass player, here I am (still not good enough at guitar and growling).

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mosh Party, ultravixens, and nuns.

These weekend has been full of news and interesting stuff ;) I didn't even have time to study so tomorrow I'll be completely busy.

This Friday was the Mosh Party, we listened to Under Vultures (grind, black, punk); Carnivore Diprosopus (colombian slam brutality); Cuernos de Chivo (death hardcore metal) and Wormed (sci-fi death metal).

I have been one of the eight ultravixens selected this month, and I would love to be the winner so I need your vote here and I would also like you to spread this because I need a lot of help!

And today Sunday I had a nun shoot ;) This was like a summary, now I'll tell you everything in detail.

The Mosh Party was nice, but if I am honest, I expected a bigger mosh. Sadly there isn't a big metal community here, comparing to other countries in Europe, and in small concerts people hardly get enough motivation to mosh. But the bands were insane =)
I went while Under Vultures were performing, the singer at a point said "believe it or not, but we just played three songs non-stop". He was right, I just heard about 10 minutes of crazy guitars and growling under a frenetic drum hitting and, of course, bass.
In Carnivore Diprosopus was a guy with a mask running around the stage, and I would say a quote or something from him, but mixing semi growled voice and colombian accent made an absolutely impossible to understand result.

While Carnivore Diprosopus were singing, I saw around Phlegeton, and I went to talk to him. I did never meet him before but we talked online some times the last months: he is the singer (growler) in Wormed and Human Mincer, artist in Phlegeton Art Studio (extreme CD cover designer), photographer, drummer... It was nice to finally know him personally, he's really kind and he gave a CD to my bf and another for me.

Then, Cuernos de Chivo, they played a really good cover of Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse), and the singer seems to be nice, he was a kind of homie of a friend who came with us to the concert. His quotes are funny, such as "we are going to play a new song, and if you like it cool, if you don't, then throw us a bottle or something", "our next song is called corpse bride (maybe corpse girlfriend, cause in Spanish it's the same) and it's about that, a corpse bride!". But the best bit was right after playing a song called "Rallas" (means one of each lines of cocaine druggies inhale); and while he was singing, the room started smelling like marijuana, at the end, he says "it smells like drugs here, and that's what it was about: drugs!".

To close the concert, Wormed played, with Phlegeton leading. He is also the drummer, but not live because he would probably end the concert in ambulance if he tried to do so. Playing and singing death metal at the same time in a concert is not exactly easy.
I don't think he said anything, if he did, it was growling, so don't expect me to understand it.
Then was really the mosh thing. I got a spike-lip pearcing nailed on my hand, but the guy was nice and after the mosh came to say sorry about it, and it was cool, because I was wandering what the hell happened to my hand xD

Now it would go the Ultravixen competition thing, but with what I said at the beginning, I thinkit's enough.

Today I had a nun shoot at Foxá M-30 hotel in Madrid, in the chapelle. There they collect antiques, and it was a nice atrezzo for the shoot.

I met there an alt. and cyber model called Ruby Machine, she was cool and I'd like to work with her again in the future.
I'll not tell details from the shoot because I'll show you the pictures when ready ;) I'll only say that we finally lost the direction and half the pics were not at all how he planned, but improvised stuff is fucking great.
The pics: Lady Mechanika by Raquel Jaramago, Wind by Sivaly and Fifth Wound shirt shoot by Sivali.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BeDeSeMe Magazine

I have been recently featured in BeDeSeMe webzine, and I would like to share it with you.
this link drives you to the last month of the webzine, so if clicked later, it might be another issue. Mine is issue 8.

This week has been hard, a close person died recently, he was a family member and his lost means for me loosing a role model. And if that wasn't enough, a guy on the train tried to spit on me because I told him to use headphones (he was an analfabete-coarse looking guy putting his music loud). Sometimes I'm afraid foreigners think we are like that.
I'm kinda slowed down in some stuff, because of the family thing I lost a photo shoot and then rejected another two because I wasn't on the mood.

Anyway, along this post I am gonna put some pictures from a shoot done during February (not sure tho) but the pictures couldn't be sent to me earlier. The photographer is Tabaré, and the make up artist Silvia Gil. I personally liked the results.

I want to remind everybody that I am a model focused on alternative stuff, but metal is still one of my maximum goals. And if any band wants a model for a CD cover, for merchandise, for a video, or anything, I'd be glad to work for them. And I would also work on book covers.
Here I leave my mail for booking me or anything, but please, serious

Do you like Theatre Des Vampires? it's not a band in my favourites, but I like a few things from them and I love the singer looks. This shoot kinda remind me of her, so I leave you the video for the song La Danse Macabre du Vampire. I just love to hear girls growling.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What I think about being true / Jane in Peril contest

Lately I haven't been very active (not here, where is common, but in lots of places I am in), and I feel the need to work on more extreme stuff.

But anyway, I keep projects coming and that's something, and I am about to have my first "modeling birthday". And I honestly think that coming from the point "0" I have achieved a lot.

I am waiting for the pics from a shoot I made more than a month ago, but the photographer is too busy, so I'll show you in a couple of weeks =)

I have been thinking lately about the "true" metal stuff. What is really
to be "true"? If you only listen to metal and wear spikes they call you poser; if you like other stuff and dress whatever you like, they call you fake, and lots of examples could be.
I don't approve fanatism, not at all, not in religion, not in polytics, and not in music or lifestyle.
Some years ago you could like metal and act however you wanted, but right now it's kinda alarming how they can watch you and either say you are a kind person, so you can't listen to extreme stuff becaus that's for agressive people, or state that you are evil, "just like all those fucking satanic bastards".
I am aware that this could offend someone, but I felt the need to say it. I personally think that metal could be and could not be a lifestyle. It's a music anyone could like, and some of the styles called "metal" (which are actually VERY different from one to another) have certain message on their music, and a lifestyle behind it. The look, the thoughts...

For example, I like some kinds of ambient music, and sometimes I would like to listen to it, while I am lying on a bunch of pillows, with the windows opened and incense burning. And that doesn't mean I want to go hippie, live in the forest or go vegetarian.
People don't compare a writer's personality with what she story characters do, they don't insult a pop singer for singing about love and being a playboy in his real life.

I persnoally like extreme metal (black and death), wearing spikes and black clothing, taking bloody pictures on the photo shoots, going into the mosh pit and feeling the power of the people at a brutal concert.
I also like puting on extra long fetish heels, huging my little sister, wearing make up to feel prettier...
I hate cheesy stuff, typical teenagers movies, the discussions like "I love you-I love you
mooooreeee-no, I love you more!!! (etc.)".
I hate cheap violence (I could be agressive in certain situations, but just "being bad because it's cool" it something absolutely gross). I hate snuff, is someone wants to cut his/her own arm, ok, but never do it to someone who does not want to.

This is a resume of myself, I don't want to act as I am who I am not. I like metal, extreme metal specially, and I feel comfortable with the aggresive look, but I am a person, I am a girl and as most of them I like looking good and stuff like that.
I am not a girl who gets close with musicians to feel she's part of the band; when I was little I started studying music, my first instrument was the contrabass. I left music because I wa
s a stupid kid who wanted to do everything and after complaining for a couple of months, I started crying the same day I left, because I wanted to go back. Then I was 8. When I was 14, I started playing bass and taking from time to time my mother's guitar. When 18 I went to a few guitar lessons and singing.
I don't want to state myself as a music expert, in fact, I don't practice so I could sound pretty much like crap if you heard me playing. I just wanted to say that I really would like to be part of a metal band, I can kinda growl (still need lots of practice). I am not a groupie, I just like modeling and metal stuff, so I became a metal/alternative model; and I would really like to work on covers, merchandise stuff, etc. Not to lick anyone's butt, but to feel like I am doing something I enjoy.

Well, here I leave a couple of pictures, the first is from a fetish shoot with Daniel Poza, the second one is with Sivali D'Lirium, for the Jane in Peril contest in deviantart, started by Shadowyzman,
creator of the character.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


This last two weeks I have been to some shoots, and I am satisfied with them, I'll be soon sharing some of the images with you all.

One of the shoots I had, was inspired in the comic girl Lady Mechanika, I didn't know her before, but I liked her style a lot!
The photographer was Raquel Jaramago, and she brought me the outfit. It was also there a friend of her who put my make up on and she did my hair, but I don't remember her name.

I joined the Ultravixens competition to be on the cover of the magazine, by the way, here I leave for you the link to my profile there:

I am actually reading a book called "the power of sects" and it's a subject I am interested in, the way a group can influence on the individual, manipulate and destroy someone from the inside, doing horrible things and make that person still thing that's the best. Creepy, really creepy. Groups, support and receiving influences is awesome if you keep yourself thinking and being critical, not having ideals, or having them closed is suicide.
Influences enrich, brain washing kills, sorry if I get too philosophycal, but these kind of things have always been of my interest. How someone could do literally anything when pressend and brain washed, and brain washing is very very easy.

Well, let's talk about something more interesting, or at least, not worryfying: Melechesh. I don't know if you know that band, but I am amazed and I wish they come to Spain soon. They play some mix of black, death and sumerian folk. Incredible.

Now, here I leave you the Lady Mechanika inspired pic.

And I realized I finally didn't share here any from my gore shoot by Living Dead Division months ago, so I am posting it here also. The redhead is Kris Sirk.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fifth Wound artworks

I think I will be every post saying how sorry I am about posting so far from time to time.

The Fifth Wound project images are finally done, I show them here but I can't give permission to anyone to use them because they are for the band.

I am working on upcoming tests right now for my studies, but also with different shoots, so great ^^