Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dunno the title... =p

Hi, sorry about the delay with this entry.

I got some pics from the latex gloves shoot and one pic from the Mosh Party, I appear on the background hahaha. I have also contacted with Dark Payer Zine (metal bands promotion) and I will probably appear in another magazine this summer, I am sending them pictures.

Here is one from the latex gloves and spikes bra shoot. I must admit I was freezing, I had to go outside becouse in the photographer's house the lights were reflecting in a weird way. By Sivali D'Lirium.

I personally liked this shoot a lot, it was an improvisation after a cancelled shoot we planeed before in a studio. So we just went to the street with another clothing to take pictures such as that one.

Oh, and I pierced my nose; a little ring =) I wanted for long, but I didn't get it, and I want to get tattoos soon =p

Last weekend has been busy, and on sunday I had two different shoots, the only ones I had after dying my hair and piercing my nose. The first one was about a classical goth, with long skirt and a veil, the second one was more fetish and agressive. I liked them both honestly.

Miss Lolo (alt. model) sent me a picture of our feature in Bizarre Magazine, this is the feature, very short, but good enough =)

Damn, this is such a boring entry, sorry. My mind right now can only think about the movements in Madrid and since I don't want to start a polytical manifest here unless is absolutely necesary, I am trying hardly to think about something else slightly interesting to share here.

At the beginning I said I received a pic from the Mosh Party, here it is, I look kinda mindfuck there, among those huge guys... XD (picture taken by Salva Rubio, author of "Historia del Metal Extremo".

Do you like Amon Amarth? Pursuit of the Vikings is very trendy, but I honestly prefer Guardians of Asgaard.

And here, an old picture, by Vanyar photography, MUA by Luna Gara Quesada.

Well, I would like to make my post more interesting, honestly, but since I don't have time yet to start my webcomic, I am trying to avoid talking about polytics (thinking about how to improve the system, and designing theories to make the utopic possible is a hobby of mine) and I am not funny at all while writing; but if you read this is because you want, so I guess everything is allright =)



  1. you're so beautiful just as you are, i will be very sad if you get tattoos :(

    i love the old picture :)

  2. Hahaha, don't worry, I am not going to end up like Kat von D. Just some decorations =p

  3. Nice entry, and congrats for appearing in Bizarre Magazine.
    When you see her, you´ll shit bricks xD
    BTW politics*