Saturday, April 16, 2011

Macabre Models

My lack of creativity and huge lazyness while thinking titles shows up. Guess what's first to say...
No, the first thing to say is I went the first in the ultravixens competition and suddenly the second was again the first... it's one of the most important competitions I have been till now and the deadline of the voting is still far so I wish I could get, and then keep myself first until then, please, it's really important to me...
And now, what about Macabre Models: I want to tell you all I am one of the winners from the Macabre Models contest, and I will be one of the 6 faces representing them =) The others who already won are Demoniccunt (also owner) and Tara Stuart, who have their logos, mine will be up on Friday.

These days I am feeling weird, I don't know why, probably a lot of things mixed together, as most feelings are... It's hard to get far in a clean way, interests are behind everything, in most places are the rotting pieces spreadding the rot; that's one of the things concerning me, I am a humanist, but being a humanist doesn't mean defending people over everything, I think people is interesting to study, awesome as specie, and powerful; but that doesn't make me feel we are worthy. Take a look around and see for yourself. If you believe in a god, he's/she's/it's either not powerful or not good.

I already posted it on my first entry, but I'll refresh it a little since I think most people hasn't read my first entry. These are some of the places I am in:

Don't try lo look for my FB profile because it's full and I can't add anyone T.T

The first picture is from the nun shoot in Foxá, by Carlos Sesmero (make up by Natashwartz), I told you we lost the line that day and the pic wasn't at all what we planeed. I wish I had remember before to remove the hairband from mi wrist, because I like the pic in general...
The second one is the other one from the "Jane in Peril" shoot, by Sivali (also make up).
And the third one: yeah, nun shoot, by Arturo Carrasco. Hope you liked them.

I feel like this post has had a really bad redaction and little information, and I feel bad about people reading my blog and seeing less than what they expected, so I'll leave here a video, it's a bit NS, but the song is amazing:

And I want to remember everybody that if they have a metal band, and they want a model for promoting merchanise, shoots for album covers or anything, just send me an email to, I wish I'll make my webpage soon, and in that email I only accept stuff related to my modeling.
And to bands from Madrid, If you play extreme metal, and need a bass player, here I am (still not good enough at guitar and growling).

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