Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sister's Birthday

A few days ago was my sister's birthday, and I tried to make some cookies for her, and I must admit they were absolutely terrible hahaha, they had to eat them with jam because its taste was plain.

... I am trying... I am honestly trying, but in my last posts I just can't write properly, I just put up a couple of paragraphs in a desperate attempt to tell something intersting. Personal stuff =p but I am just not enough in this to write a lot. And I am lately having less shots and new stuff, I wish it's just a short period of time and I get back no my normal activity.

Any suggestions for new shots?

So, here is another pic from Caos =) make up Sivali D'Lirium and Noiferum Vonsiel.

And here a picture taken a year ago, from Vanyar, make up Luna Gara Quesada.

And to fill this out a little =p a song

I found this band while I was looking for a nice background for my laptop desk, it's the same image that appears on the video.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The new pics

Finally I upload here a few pics with my new look, I am not having lots of shoots lately, I am working on a few stuff and that takes time from modeling. But I have some ideas in mind for future projects and I want to learn some things to make my own shoots.

Yesterday my little sister came but from the USA and damn, she is taller than me already. Sweet, organized, outgoing... we are absolutely opposite.

This is my favourite picture so far with the red hair and the nose ring, hope you like it, I really liked the outfit.

I love snakes. Yesterday, before seeing my little sister I went out with some friends and since it was raining, we went to the house of one of them and he had a snake. What an amazing creature it is, I have liked raptors for long and snakes are specially beautiful. It's name was Dante, I hold it on my lap and it remained calmed; I prefer when they move a lot, but whatever hahaha

This is another pic from the nun shoot, by Arturo Carrasco, I look way too nice in this one, but that was the point ;)
Today I am a little bored, and I am going to study a little of math, go for a round and listen again to Greensleeves. I love classical music, specially the really old ones; the classical music after 1900 starts getting into stuff I don't like. People sometimes can't believe I like it, because I mostly listen to really extreme stuff, but if you write down the music of different genres the youth listen to and compare it, you'll realize that the structure of the extreme metal is a lot more similar to the classical music than Pop, Dance, Industrial, Reggaeton, etc. At least the ones I have compared, please correct me if I am wrong.

In the pic I'm showing you next, I like the background, hair and the whole pic in general, that's why I am showing you, but I don't like my face at all here =p

And another pic. Too tired to keep writing xD