Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sister's Birthday

A few days ago was my sister's birthday, and I tried to make some cookies for her, and I must admit they were absolutely terrible hahaha, they had to eat them with jam because its taste was plain.

... I am trying... I am honestly trying, but in my last posts I just can't write properly, I just put up a couple of paragraphs in a desperate attempt to tell something intersting. Personal stuff =p but I am just not enough in this to write a lot. And I am lately having less shots and new stuff, I wish it's just a short period of time and I get back no my normal activity.

Any suggestions for new shots?

So, here is another pic from Caos =) make up Sivali D'Lirium and Noiferum Vonsiel.

And here a picture taken a year ago, from Vanyar, make up Luna Gara Quesada.

And to fill this out a little =p a song

I found this band while I was looking for a nice background for my laptop desk, it's the same image that appears on the video.


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  2. First of all, happy birthday to your sister, and congratulations for your new picture. Everything, from the light and wardrobe to the pose and expression is awesome.

    Suggestions for model shots? Best thing you can do is found some new inspiration by yourself, anything we can say pales in comparison with that. Anyway, a little trip to the museum can stir up imgination, particularly if it is a contemporary art museum. They are so... "open to new interpretation" that you should come out with tons of new ideas.

    Also, you can search conceptual art on the internet, look for great hevy metal albums covers (and here I suggest Warlock/Doro, one of my favourites).

    Finally, there were some pieces of great back in the 80's and, why not, also psychedelic pieces like "El Incal", or almost anything which appeared in the Métal Hurlant magazine.

    Also, if you try again to make some cookies, try german recipes, they're pretty good.

    Un saludo.

  3. Ok, thanks a lot for the information!! =)
    I am going to make some cream cookies with chocolate, but if I have time after, I'll try German recipes =)

  4. Saludos dama del metal. Apenas hace poco soy fan tuyo. Mil gracias por permitirnos deleitar nuestro mirar con tu belleza y la temática de tus fotografías. Porque la temática y el estilo que aplicas es muy importante, si no fuera por ese estilo oscuro y desafiante que expresas yo no estaría escribiendo esto. ¿has pensado en fotografiarte posando como una valkiria? Te verías increíble ¿y si le añadieras además un lobo o un caballo espectral? Ojalá pronto perfecciones tu técnica con las galletas. Por cierto muy buena canción esa que publicaste, no conocía a esa banda. ¿que opinas de la banda 1349? Creo que te voy a estar molestando en tu facebook con más comentarios. Muchas suerte.

  5. ¡Hola!
    Muchas gracias por todo. Sí que he pensado hacerme fotos como una valkiria, de hecho, quiero hacer sagas de personajes mitológicos y diosas, pero necesitaría vestuario difícil y querría que saliese todo lo más real posible, pero hay tiempo para todo.
    Me gusta mucho 1349, sobre todo Sculptor of Flesh, en general cuando Frost está a la batería los grupos suenan bien xD