Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lots of things... (Sinical Magazine ;) )

Today I want to say lots of things, I have been thinking (yes, I do think!) and sometimes I get scared when I read certain messages in my inbox, and in a few other places. Most of them are nice, a few are bad and almost insulting, and my concern goes to the extremes. I'll talk about this but first I want you to know that I am featured in Sinical Magazine Fall 2011 pages 8 and 9. You can download a PDF on their website and a few more places ;).

Now, please, people, I want you to know a couple of things about myself, because sometimes people tend to see images and invent a background, and my personality when that's not enough material and I have heard comment about myself which absolutely opposite. For everyone could be easy to realize I like goth, fetish and metal, among other stuff; but does this really say anything about how I really am? People is complex enough to require thousands of tests and analysis, if everything was as easy as looking a couple of pics (that are worked and not spontaneous so do not reflect my lifestyle), then psychologists whould have nothing to do but look a picture of the person they want to know.

I am just a person, with my bad and good things. Not ugly, but not amazingly pretty; I sleep, I pee, I cry, I love, I hate, I get sick, I get pimples when I eat too much chocolate (chocolate is my worst temptation), I get injured when I have an accident, I have fallen to the floor lots of times (there is still a fairy blonde kid inside me)... I like showing skin, if I didn't I would not do it, but that does not mean I take to bed the first person I find (and even if I did nobody should care about it).

Some people ask if I don't think I am a gorgeous person myself why did I get into modeling. The answer is simple: One thing is to think I am not gorgeous and another one is to think I am ugly. I don't think I am ugly, but I am far from my ideal of beauty. Besides I have blue eyes and soft skin, I am the reverse of the features I really like. I like people with wide jaws and pointy chins like Angelina Jolie, I have a really small chin and jaw; I like people with almond ayes, mines are round. Those are just two examples. I probably see myself wors than others do, and of course, better than others!
Now, why did I get into modeling? I liked it, I wanted it, I only have one face and I don't want surgery. I like goth look and I am too short (164cms) for mainstream modeling, so here I am. I just wanted to get known while I get enough skills on extreme vocals and guitars to play in a good band.

(next pic by Sivali D'Lirium, make up and model myself)

I like how they look extra photoshopped pics, and I will never claim to have such look in real life because I would look like a videogame character walking around. I also love wearing make up, yeah, I look better, and I have some pics that I'd love to burn. But of course, those are not gonna end up on the internet (at least I wish so).

Thanks to all the ones who follow me ^^ saying all this does not mean I don't like people to like my pics, it just means I don't want extremes.

Now I would like to introduce you a couple of people, well, three:

The first one is the metal model Diva Satanica, I started talking to her because of all the modeling thing, and because she was one of the few Spaniards I have found on those circles. From the pics you could think she's pretty, but now that I have seen her on the real life I can bet she looks a lot better like that than in any picture you could find, and she is a very nice person. She has worked with Hate, Blood Red Throne and more bands. Here I leave her facebook page link (run by Hermanas Muerte, not by her) so you can see how good she looks.

The second one is a book, well, it has an author, but I am pretty sure the author prefers his book to be known rather than himself.

Here is (in spanish) his introduction:Soy Salva Rubio, el autor del libro "METAL EXTREMO: 30 Años de Oscuridad (1981-20011)", un volumen de unas 500 páginas, con casi 1000 bandas reseñadas en más de 247,000 palabras, una análisis en profundidad nunca visto antes en el mundo, y que cubre por separado los 10 estilos principales del Metal Extremo, así como su historia, forma musical, estética, evolución, lírica y mucho más.

Si te gusta el Metal Extremo, necesitamos tu ayuda! Únete a nuestros grupos y redes sociales para que esta info le llegue a la mayor cantidad de gente posible.

El libro será publicado a lo largo de 2011, en su edición española.

And the third one is Phlegeton He designs extreme metal covers and he is the singer in Wormed. Despite his brutal voice, he's a nice guy.

And by the way, please, vote for me on Lady Allura's latex competition (info in my facebook page).

Thanks to the blog for announcing me ^^

And by the way, please, vote for me on Lady Allura's latex competition (info in my facebook page).

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