Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BeDeSeMe Magazine

I have been recently featured in BeDeSeMe webzine, and I would like to share it with you.
this link drives you to the last month of the webzine, so if clicked later, it might be another issue. Mine is issue 8.

This week has been hard, a close person died recently, he was a family member and his lost means for me loosing a role model. And if that wasn't enough, a guy on the train tried to spit on me because I told him to use headphones (he was an analfabete-coarse looking guy putting his music loud). Sometimes I'm afraid foreigners think we are like that.
I'm kinda slowed down in some stuff, because of the family thing I lost a photo shoot and then rejected another two because I wasn't on the mood.

Anyway, along this post I am gonna put some pictures from a shoot done during February (not sure tho) but the pictures couldn't be sent to me earlier. The photographer is Tabaré, and the make up artist Silvia Gil. I personally liked the results.

I want to remind everybody that I am a model focused on alternative stuff, but metal is still one of my maximum goals. And if any band wants a model for a CD cover, for merchandise, for a video, or anything, I'd be glad to work for them. And I would also work on book covers.
Here I leave my mail for booking me or anything, but please, serious RifkaNoctisTemporvm@gmail.com

Do you like Theatre Des Vampires? it's not a band in my favourites, but I like a few things from them and I love the singer looks. This shoot kinda remind me of her, so I leave you the video for the song La Danse Macabre du Vampire. I just love to hear girls growling.

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  1. you look beautiful in every picture you have
    and the song is perfect. . .