Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fifth Wound Merch

Yesterday I went to a shoot for Fifth Wound merch. I only have one pic yet, (if Nexus reading: I will send you them after I get all).

Here it is:
Kinda creepy xD but it wasn't intended to be a sweet pic.

Public transport strike day =p damn, I am bored xD I don't want to go outside because it will be chaos trying to get anywhere, so here we are my computer and I.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi, today I wanted to share with you a link to Subexistance, it's a dark music portal.

I don't know if you have heard about Diva Satanica... what kind of metalhead alt model from Spain would I be if I don't mention her? She's one of the writers for subexistance and the one who sent me the interview to appear on her webzine, here is my interview.

And if you didn't now her, here she is:

Sometimes I think people have a problem, seriously. I am walking down the subway stairs and I see some taking their stuff from me when I pass close to them; what the hell? If I ever wanted to steal or hurt someone I would't go outside dressing in a way I keep attention, damn you dumb! If one day you see me going out in some blue shirt and jeans, fear me then.

By the way, I read short ago the sun is gonna explode in three years. Don't trust them, the
y want your fear and your braaaain =p

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nekronos Promotion

Hi, today I wanted to share with you a brief video Nekronos Promotion made for some of their NekroModels. I appear around the fifth minute.

Nekronos Promotion was created for promoting metal and those who support it, they have bands, models and more stuff. You can add them here:!/pages/NeKronos-Promotion-HELL/124675700880996?ref=ts

So, I am here thinking, and that's more dangerous than a piranha inside the toilet. I might start somewhen a webcomic here, something in between Dethklok and Mat Groening's stuff. Don't know; or write every day a bit of a story? I am not sure if I will get time enough, but I have always liked whriting and drawing.

I am planning new photoshoots, I accept suggestions and comments. Yesterday I saw in Chopper Monster a fighter mask which was like a blacker make up, I fust imagined someone wearing that with a bikini made of iron nails, and thought it could be a nice Hellraiser-like outfit.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A bit of some

The shoot wearing Fifth Wound's merchandise wasn't finally yesterday because the photographer didn't feel good. We will probably do it later.

I just found an interesting website:
The website is great, it has a bit of everything (in the metal context) and they are looking for staff right now, so if you want to become a metal webzine reviewer, go check it!

For the Spanish readers, Napalm Death is coming to Spain on November:
  • Nov 14 2010, Sala Capitol, Santiago de Compostela,
  • Nov 15 2010, Sala Live, Madrid,
  • Nov 16 2010, Estraperlo Club, Badalona,
For those non-Spaniard readers, I leave here their website where you can check the whole tour.

By the way, yesterday I forgot to post my MM link, here it goes:

Well, for those who didn't know: I am going to introduce you all one of my favourite songs/clips, which is Throne of Rats by Marduk.

Throne Of Rats: Lyrics

Plague upon plague
Black boil redemption
On this sea of rats shall I set my throne
Halo of fleas
Blood puke salvation
Only fire is now clean enough to touch your soul
Throne of rats
Sword of disease
Throne of rats
See how the body contracts
Until your limbs become a rope of madness
Rope of regret
The piece of purity
Rope of regret
Throne of rats
Sword of disease
Throne of rats
Older than time am I, and yes I am for evermore
Constantly reshaping reforming to suit your sins
Death upon death
Black Death redemption
On this sea of death shall I claim my crown
Halo of death
Death puke salvation
Only death is now pure enough to forgive your sins
Throne of death
Justice is done
Throne of rats

Friday, September 24, 2010

First post: Who I am, and my links.

Hi, I am Rifká, an alternative model from Spain and I decided to start my blog.

First of all, I want to tell you all: believe it or not, I spent several minutes thinking the name of my blog xD It's pretty simple, but I didn't want to put just my stage name because I think it sounds like a stupid person just putting her name on, but I finally did it, don't ask me why.

This post is just for introducing myself, and sharing my liks.

As I said, mi name is Rifká (Real name better not on the intenet) and I am an alternative model from Spain. I am a metalhead, I love extreme music, specially black and death metal, also some folk (growling metal in general). I like fetish clothing, I am learning Finnish, I love Scandinavia, my goal is to become a black metal singer/guitar player (still learning how to growl and play guitar). I love when it rains...

This blog is not only about me, I also just write or give my opinion when nothing new about me, and I might upload some drawings by myself, even comic lines.

My links:





Greetings and metal!!: Rifká