Friday, September 24, 2010

First post: Who I am, and my links.

Hi, I am Rifká, an alternative model from Spain and I decided to start my blog.

First of all, I want to tell you all: believe it or not, I spent several minutes thinking the name of my blog xD It's pretty simple, but I didn't want to put just my stage name because I think it sounds like a stupid person just putting her name on, but I finally did it, don't ask me why.

This post is just for introducing myself, and sharing my liks.

As I said, mi name is Rifká (Real name better not on the intenet) and I am an alternative model from Spain. I am a metalhead, I love extreme music, specially black and death metal, also some folk (growling metal in general). I like fetish clothing, I am learning Finnish, I love Scandinavia, my goal is to become a black metal singer/guitar player (still learning how to growl and play guitar). I love when it rains...

This blog is not only about me, I also just write or give my opinion when nothing new about me, and I might upload some drawings by myself, even comic lines.

My links:





Greetings and metal!!: Rifká

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  1. Cool. I love rain too. I often go out when it´s raining. And I hope you can reach your goal. Good luck Rifká. \m/ *_* \m/