Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nekronos Promotion

Hi, today I wanted to share with you a brief video Nekronos Promotion made for some of their NekroModels. I appear around the fifth minute.

Nekronos Promotion was created for promoting metal and those who support it, they have bands, models and more stuff. You can add them here:!/pages/NeKronos-Promotion-HELL/124675700880996?ref=ts

So, I am here thinking, and that's more dangerous than a piranha inside the toilet. I might start somewhen a webcomic here, something in between Dethklok and Mat Groening's stuff. Don't know; or write every day a bit of a story? I am not sure if I will get time enough, but I have always liked whriting and drawing.

I am planning new photoshoots, I accept suggestions and comments. Yesterday I saw in Chopper Monster a fighter mask which was like a blacker make up, I fust imagined someone wearing that with a bikini made of iron nails, and thought it could be a nice Hellraiser-like outfit.

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