Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goth Week III; 20 years; shoots...

Again with my writing procrastination...
Since I last wrote, I have had three shoots (one of them was double) and I was in the Goth Week in Madrid, modeling for Velvet Damita.

The web craneometal, asked me for some pics for their website, they wanted a sexy-metal-female santa for the upcoming Christmas, but not in exclusive. So I upload one of them here and I will show the rest in Christimas ;)
I had the shooting with Sivali, the "Santa" one and another different one right after, for a band. But since I don't really know what will happen with that, I am not saying which band or how were the pics.

That day I was completely off, so I forgot all the things for the shoot, and she had to improvise the whole styling, but I like the result =)
Before Halloween was the Goth Week, and I performed for the designer Velvet Damita, you can see the clothes in these two pics =)
I had to be alone on stage for about a minute before any of the other models came with me, and I was nervous as hell, specially because I had to learn the short play in the same day...

A few weeks ago (after the Goth Week), the model Diva Satanica told me her friend and photographer Raquel Blanco was coming to Madrid, so we could arrange a shoot together. I liked the idea and so did Raquel, so we met. Her first idea was to work with a designer and shoot in a park close to my house, but the designer didn't call her and the park wasn't open, so we had to make a maximum improvised shooting in my house, with a black sheet as background... xD

Even though it was so random, I have liked the results!

Well, it was my 20th birthday, I had fun and stuff xD I don't feel like talking about it a lot, I am tired xD

Yesterday I had a shooting with Olano Photography, with Mad-Rubb latex, make up artist Enrique Crespo and in the company of the models Zazu, Shade, Maryah Marimotto and Desiré Bressend. Will talk about it as soon as I can show you the pics ;)

And hm, a song to have a nice post ending, I wish I start playing (or at least trying to) this song on the guitar as soon as exams end!