Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi, today I wanted to share with you a link to Subexistance, it's a dark music portal.

I don't know if you have heard about Diva Satanica... what kind of metalhead alt model from Spain would I be if I don't mention her? She's one of the writers for subexistance and the one who sent me the interview to appear on her webzine, here is my interview.

And if you didn't now her, here she is:

Sometimes I think people have a problem, seriously. I am walking down the subway stairs and I see some taking their stuff from me when I pass close to them; what the hell? If I ever wanted to steal or hurt someone I would't go outside dressing in a way I keep attention, damn you dumb! If one day you see me going out in some blue shirt and jeans, fear me then.

By the way, I read short ago the sun is gonna explode in three years. Don't trust them, the
y want your fear and your braaaain =p

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