Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mosh Party, ultravixens, and nuns.

These weekend has been full of news and interesting stuff ;) I didn't even have time to study so tomorrow I'll be completely busy.

This Friday was the Mosh Party, we listened to Under Vultures (grind, black, punk); Carnivore Diprosopus (colombian slam brutality); Cuernos de Chivo (death hardcore metal) and Wormed (sci-fi death metal).

I have been one of the eight ultravixens selected this month, and I would love to be the winner so I need your vote here and I would also like you to spread this because I need a lot of help!

And today Sunday I had a nun shoot ;) This was like a summary, now I'll tell you everything in detail.

The Mosh Party was nice, but if I am honest, I expected a bigger mosh. Sadly there isn't a big metal community here, comparing to other countries in Europe, and in small concerts people hardly get enough motivation to mosh. But the bands were insane =)
I went while Under Vultures were performing, the singer at a point said "believe it or not, but we just played three songs non-stop". He was right, I just heard about 10 minutes of crazy guitars and growling under a frenetic drum hitting and, of course, bass.
In Carnivore Diprosopus was a guy with a mask running around the stage, and I would say a quote or something from him, but mixing semi growled voice and colombian accent made an absolutely impossible to understand result.

While Carnivore Diprosopus were singing, I saw around Phlegeton, and I went to talk to him. I did never meet him before but we talked online some times the last months: he is the singer (growler) in Wormed and Human Mincer, artist in Phlegeton Art Studio (extreme CD cover designer), photographer, drummer... It was nice to finally know him personally, he's really kind and he gave a CD to my bf and another for me.

Then, Cuernos de Chivo, they played a really good cover of Hammer Smashed Face (Cannibal Corpse), and the singer seems to be nice, he was a kind of homie of a friend who came with us to the concert. His quotes are funny, such as "we are going to play a new song, and if you like it cool, if you don't, then throw us a bottle or something", "our next song is called corpse bride (maybe corpse girlfriend, cause in Spanish it's the same) and it's about that, a corpse bride!". But the best bit was right after playing a song called "Rallas" (means one of each lines of cocaine druggies inhale); and while he was singing, the room started smelling like marijuana, at the end, he says "it smells like drugs here, and that's what it was about: drugs!".

To close the concert, Wormed played, with Phlegeton leading. He is also the drummer, but not live because he would probably end the concert in ambulance if he tried to do so. Playing and singing death metal at the same time in a concert is not exactly easy.
I don't think he said anything, if he did, it was growling, so don't expect me to understand it.
Then was really the mosh thing. I got a spike-lip pearcing nailed on my hand, but the guy was nice and after the mosh came to say sorry about it, and it was cool, because I was wandering what the hell happened to my hand xD

Now it would go the Ultravixen competition thing, but with what I said at the beginning, I thinkit's enough.

Today I had a nun shoot at Foxá M-30 hotel in Madrid, in the chapelle. There they collect antiques, and it was a nice atrezzo for the shoot.

I met there an alt. and cyber model called Ruby Machine, she was cool and I'd like to work with her again in the future.
I'll not tell details from the shoot because I'll show you the pictures when ready ;) I'll only say that we finally lost the direction and half the pics were not at all how he planned, but improvised stuff is fucking great.
The pics: Lady Mechanika by Raquel Jaramago, Wind by Sivaly and Fifth Wound shirt shoot by Sivali.


  1. Thx for your kind words miss Rifká and for coming to the show, we have to play some of our stuff in a row because if we don't, then we'd spend more time introducing the songs than actually playing them hehe

    Ok, I think I should stop writing in English because you speak Spanish and I'm plain retarded lmao

    Cheers and thx again.

    Daniel / Under Vultures.

  2. jajaja, no te preocupes tío ^^
    Me parece genial si al principio no quieres hablar demasiado introduciendo canciones, cada cual tiene su rollo, yo me limito a contar lo q veo.

    ¡Un besín y a ver xa cuando el próximo!