Saturday, February 19, 2011


This last two weeks I have been to some shoots, and I am satisfied with them, I'll be soon sharing some of the images with you all.

One of the shoots I had, was inspired in the comic girl Lady Mechanika, I didn't know her before, but I liked her style a lot!
The photographer was Raquel Jaramago, and she brought me the outfit. It was also there a friend of her who put my make up on and she did my hair, but I don't remember her name.

I joined the Ultravixens competition to be on the cover of the magazine, by the way, here I leave for you the link to my profile there:

I am actually reading a book called "the power of sects" and it's a subject I am interested in, the way a group can influence on the individual, manipulate and destroy someone from the inside, doing horrible things and make that person still thing that's the best. Creepy, really creepy. Groups, support and receiving influences is awesome if you keep yourself thinking and being critical, not having ideals, or having them closed is suicide.
Influences enrich, brain washing kills, sorry if I get too philosophycal, but these kind of things have always been of my interest. How someone could do literally anything when pressend and brain washed, and brain washing is very very easy.

Well, let's talk about something more interesting, or at least, not worryfying: Melechesh. I don't know if you know that band, but I am amazed and I wish they come to Spain soon. They play some mix of black, death and sumerian folk. Incredible.

Now, here I leave you the Lady Mechanika inspired pic.

And I realized I finally didn't share here any from my gore shoot by Living Dead Division months ago, so I am posting it here also. The redhead is Kris Sirk.

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