Thursday, December 16, 2010

Samael concert and... I need votes =p

Yesterday was a concert in Madrid, they performed five bands: Nothnegal, Metsatöll, Rotting Christ, Samael and Finntroll; in this order.
I like Finntroll, but I went because of Samael and Rotting Christ.

They were amazing, all of them. In Metsatöll was a guy who played lots of instruments, incredible!! He was changing from song to song the instrument, can't say how many, but lots for sure!!
Then, Rotting was great, Sakis seemed to be nice and at the end someone gave him a shirt, he looked at it and took the shirt xD

Samael... don't have words, I liked the band, but just as another one, but when they were on stage they had something, don't know, the band was attractive, it made me focus on the band and nothing else.

When they finnished, I went to the restroom and I saw some big stairs going up, and I went up. There I saw the backstage, no door, but I didn't see anyone known there and I went back down to tell it to my friend.

Like ten minutes later I went back up to the stairs and after me Xy came, I told him I wanted a pick, so he gave me a shy smile and a black new pick with their new logo. So nice. A bit later, Vorph appeared and I saw him watching Finntroll on the stage through a glass.

I finally had a time to meet him, he was vey polite, I told him his brother was cool, that he gave me a pick... and then he gave me another one hahaha, but green, with the old logo and worn.

I think Samael has got a new fan, before the concert they were a band I liked, but after I thought they were amazing. I even lost Finntroll to see Vorph.

By the way... hahaha, would appreciate if you voted for me here on the left column, I am the one before the last one "Rifká".

Thanks for everything!! ^^

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